The 25th Latin Summer School was held in the Eastern Avenue Building and the New Law Building at the University of Sydney, from Monday January 14 to Friday January 18. It was a great success, with over 240 students attending from NSW, the ACT, Melbourne and Adelaide. The three copies of Diurna produced for the Summer School will be uploaded soon, as will the prize-winning stories, incorporating six Latin quotes, written by Lisa Creffield and 12-year-old Hugo Sharkey.


The 26th Latin Summer School will be held at the University of Sydney from January 13 to January 17 2020. Registration is now open.


Special Room Rates at St Paul’s College

St Paul’s Events and Stays would like to extend special rates for delegates attending the Sydney Summer Latin School. More information is available on the Accommodation page.
Oct 19, 2019

2020 Course Information

The course details for 2020 have been updated. Our Special Guest at the 2020 Latin Summer School will be Associate Professor James Uden from the University of Boston, who is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Sydney.      
Oct 17, 2019

Alexander Westenberg, one of our tutors, has recently launched his own website, which includes a blog about learning Latin. Through this website Alexander is offering for sale several very helpful booklets that he has written to improve students’ grammar, reading and vocabulary skills.
Jul 14, 2019

2019 Winners

Congratulations to Hugo and Lisa for winning this year's Diurna competition! Both submissions can be found on the Class Resources page.
Jan 21, 2019